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At times, it can feel like there is no clear path to fulfillment and ease. The pressures of daily life and difficult situations can often leave us feeling stuck, afraid, depressed, or overwhelmed in some way. Perhaps you may be feeling hopeless or unable to break free from an unhealthy pattern or behavior.

You are not alone.

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If you are looking to alleviate anxiety and depression, heal trauma, resolve insomnia, break patterns of addiction, repair unsatisfying relationships, end parental struggles, address career issues, resolve life transitions & recover from grief and loss, Empower Behavioral Health Care is here to help.

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Together we'll devise an

Action Plan to help you reach your goals. Become the Hero in your own life!

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Sample Action Plan

  • Define Vision

  • Overcome Fears & Heal Wounds

  • Readjust Beliefs

  • Master Emotions

  • Embrace Change

  • Maintain Focus

It is possible to become unstuck, break away from unhealthy patterns, overcome unwanted behaviors, resolve troubling issues, and find strength to face life's challenges!

Through support and individualized treatment plans, I empower my clients with the ability to move towards their personal goals and live the life that they desire!

For over 25 years I’ve successfully worked with clients who are seeking a professional and well qualified behavioral health partner to help them overcome their particular life’s challenges. 

- Carol Lamson, LCSW

About Us

Empower Behavioral Health Care is the private practice of Carol Lamson, LCSW. Carol is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Specialist with over 25 years of professional experience. 

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Whatever difficulty you may be facing, there is hope.

I can assure you a safe, nurturing and collaborative therapeutic relationship, where it is completely possible to overcome your issues and live the life you desire!

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