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Meet Carol Lamson, LCSW


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For over 20 years, Carol Lamson, LCSW has been devoted to helping people.  Carol's professional experience includes teaching at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and working extensively within the Hartford Healthcare System.

If you are looking to heal trauma, alleviate anxiety and depression, end parental struggles, break patterns of addiction, resolve insomnia, repair unsatisfying relationships and resolve mid-life transitions, Empower Behavioral Health Care is here to help!


Through the use of cutting-edge therapies, it is possible to replace barriers with building blocks to heal trauma, regulate emotions, sustain healthy behaviors, gain self-confidence and see yourself as the hero in your life story. With the help of a behavioral health professional, you can develop a new relationship with yourself, create more satisfying relationships with others, promote your natural tendency to embrace life and learning, and deepen your spiritual capacity with a new-found freedom. It is possible to change your life! Take a deep breath, and let’s start the journey!


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